Cruelty Free

Beauty Pro Shop are against animal testing


At Beauty Pro Shop, we believe in buying ingredients only from suppliers who do not do animal testing. The information from our trusted suppliers states that they do not test any product on animals.

We are proud to say that as a company we control the suppliers of our products, and we only work with them if they meet our incredibly high standards.

Animal products:

Although we are proud to say that most of our products, including our Microblading pigments, Lash Lift products and lash lift adhesives are vegan friendly, some of our products contain ingredients derived from animals, but do not cause harm to the animals. derived from. Some of our products include the following:

Beeswax (INCI name Cera Alba) and beeswax products
Honey (INCI name Mel) and honey products
Lanolin (INCI name Lanolin) and products derived from lanolin
Milk and milk products
Keratin products (from sheep fleece)
Silk (INCI name Serica) from discarded silkworm crosses

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