About us

Beauty Pro Shop was founded in 2010 and as a company we have established a reputation thanks to our superior customer service and training. Our commitment to research and development has led to market-leading innovations in lash and eyebrow products as well as treatments, which has helped us become a leading brand that is internationally recognized. Our success in the salon and retail sector has been reflected in the global spa market, where our team has developed options for eyelash and eyebrow treatment to meet the growing demand for new express services.

We offer excellent advanced courses for eyelash extensions, along with revolutionary training in eyebrow treatments under our fantastic brands - Concinnity Cosmetics, Everest, Lash Perfect, Brow Perfect Microblading and Hi Brow. We make sure that all our certified technicians receive the best training and learn everything they need to know to master our techniques so that they can give their customers perfect results with every treatment. We offer a wide range of training courses, all at extremely competitive prices.

Since their release, Concinnity Cosmetics have redefined eyebrow treatments, with their cutting-edge techniques and products becoming more and more popular. Their treatments, offer customers brilliant alternatives to their standard brow treatments.

More information about our treatments can be found on our education pages.

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