Single Lash-extension education

Single Lash-extension education

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You can create a beautiful, tailored look for your customer and choose between a full or a half set. The light, comfortable and naturally stylish extensions are available in different curls, lengths and thicknesses, which means that you can meet all your customers' needs.

After training we offer continuous technical support via our offices, social media and via skype with our teachers. We also offer practical support via our training salons around Sweden

Lash Classic product knowledge
Lash Classic treatment procedure
Use of classic lashes
Consultation practice
Lash Curls, thicknesses and lengths
Health and Safety
Theory in hygiene and eye diseases
Tweezers handling
Shape different eyes
Advice on aftercare
Problem solving ect.

Lashes 6pack. mixed sizes
Sensitive Adhesive / 5g
Adhesive Remover / 5ml
Finishing glaze / 8ml
Pre-Treatment / 25ml
Air Blower / 1
Jade stone / 1
Micropore Tape / 1 roll
Gel Patches / 12 pairs
Lash trays / 1 pc
Disposable Mascara Brushes / 12
Sponge Applicator / 12
Cleansing Brush / 1
Micro Brush / 12
X Tweezers / 1
Straight Tweezer/ 2
Mascara Black / 1
Eye Make Up Remover / 1 bottle
Customer Card / 12
After Care Cards / 12

Eligibility requirements: No previous knowledge required
Course duration: 4 Days (Day 1-2 is the days in a row, day 3 after two weeks, day 4 after about 4 months)

Certificate: Obtained after you have passed the practical test of the model on the day of training
Payment: The entire cost of the training must be paid 10 days before the course day. 

The starter pack contains products that are enough for about 50-100 treatments.
Recommended treatment price: SEK 600-900

During the course you will work on 1 model. Please contact us if you do not have the opportunity to bring your own model.

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