Combination training Single Lashextensions + Lash Lift

Combination training Single Lashextensions + Lash Lift

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Our education in classic single lashextension lays the foundation for your future career as a lashstylist. 

Lash Lift is the latest in permanent lash lifting. Instead of bending the lashes, which you also learn in our course, the lashes are lifted from the root and give the result of longer and thicker lashes.

Lash Extension Classic product knowledge
Lash Extension Classic treatment procedure
Use of classic lashes
Lash, thicknesses and lengths
Theory in hygiene and eye diseases
Tweezers handling
Shape different eyes
Lash Lift product knowledge
Lash Lift treatment procedure
Setting and fixing time for the products
Consultation practice
The thicknesses and bends of the silicone rod
Health and Safety
Advice on aftercare
Problem solving ect.

Lashes x 6 packs in the most useful sizes
1 x Sensitive Adhesive
1 x Adhesive Remover
1 x Clear Mascara
1 x Primer 
1 x Air Blower 
1 x Jade stone 
1 x Micropore Tape
24 x Gel Patches 
25 x Disposable Mascara Brushes
25 x Sponge Applicator
1 x Cleansing Brush
100 x Micro Tops 
1 x  X-Tweezers 
2 x Straight Tweezer 
12 x Customer Cards 
12 x After Care Cards
1 x Foam remover 60ml
1 x Blue Black Tint
1 x Black Tint
1 x Dark Brown Tint
1 x 3% Developer
1 x Glass Mixing Dish
25 x Orange Wood Sticks 
1 x Lash Lift Serum
5 pair Lash Lift Curling Wands 
Lash lift tool
Lash Lift Lifting Cream

Lash Lift Setting Cream
Lash Lift Fixing Adhesive 5ml
Lash Lift Cup Ring

Eligibility requirements: No previous knowledge required
Course duration: 5 days

Certificate: Obtained after you have passed the practical test and the written test

Payment: The entire cost of the training must be paid 10 days before the course day.

The starter pack contains products that are enough for about 45-90 treatments.

During the course you will work on 1 model. Please contact us if you do not have the opportunity to bring your own model.

The education is binding, in case of illness, disability, you can go at another time.

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